Well Being of Wounds

We aim to be a key resource for both those with a wound and for those professionals interested in maximising well-being of those people currently with a wound.  These pages contain information on us, our work and  some resources for professionals and patients alike. This is an early version of this website which will be continually updated and formally launched at the AWMA (ACT) conference in November 2015.

Our Research Work

We have undertaken a number of research studies looking at people’s experience of living with a wound and its treatment. In this way we will learn how best to help people with their wounds and improve their well-being.

Your Story

Tell us your story- what is like to live with a wound, what impact does it have on you, and you as a person? More importantly, how do you deal with it? What advice can you offer others living with a wound or professionals working with people with wounds?


We have collected some resources for professionals and patients alike. Some information on how best to assess, manage and improve well-being in people with wounds.